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Model maker

I just picked up some graft for a model maker magazine...
...comments please.
I'm not sure if its a tad busy. It's to run with a feature on your average model maker.

Cheers gang.:D


Tom Sound

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Really like it Typo, like the concentration toungue out business and all the models stacked up waiting to be done, looks great :up:


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Typo said:
An Avro Lancaster Berry.

Letting the team down with your aircraft recognition skills.
Tusk tusk

Ha fooll:D, just suckered you in to showing everyone your a modelmaking SAD PUPPY! Foolllll!
Not a model maker just an appreciation of an aircraft that served our kingdom so well.

mind you I always had trouble with the transfers.


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Typo said:
Not a model maker just an appreciation of an aircraft that served our kingdom so well..

An AIRPLANE SPOTTER! That's even worse! I don't know if you need to get out more - or stay in more!

Ok Ok I'm a bit of an Airplane spotter.
Yes, I can ident and give a full description and history on all the aircraft on the front of YOUR book.
Yes, I loiter in the big JANES type reference book section of the library mumbling to myself about P51's.

My name is Typo ....AND I AM A PLANE SPOTTER!

...i like tanks too.


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Hi, I'm Berry.....and I collect Heads. I prefer Account Managers and Account Executives, but I can also tackle a bit of indocannibalism by devouring Creative heads too. I have a trophy wall, kinda similar to that in Predator 2. I've tried to stop but then some stupid idiot says something and it all starts again.
Something happens and I just turn into Green Berry. I know I need help.