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Hi Guys! I’m still new to Graphic Design and I’'ve only had few experiences with Photoshop but has enough knowledge on how to use it. Also I'm currently taking up a Graphic Arts and Printing Course in which i'm currently learning on creating graphics in Illustrator as well as using InDesign . I have some queries for creating mockups. The question is which program or what is the best program to create mockups particularly for packaging and what are basics in creating one? How do you make the mockups very life-like, as if it was staged and photograph and not created digitally?

Need responses ASAP!

P.S. kindly excuse the terrible English as it's not my first language


Staff member
Hey Marge,

Mock-ups are usually made using Photoshop and start off with a blank product shot which is say like a box with no graphics on it and the design is placed on in PS.
There are a lot of ready made mock-ups available for free on sites like GraphicBurger and they're usually fantastic quality and quite easy to use and if they aren't the exact same as the product you're wanting to emulate, they're good enough for a concept.
I'd recommend downloading one to see how they're put together and work.

You can make your own and get some pretty realistic results by using some PS tricks to get the texture and shading right and say if it were a t-shirt with a wavy, distorted surface you can use things like displacement maps to create that.