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Miralize Logo


Senior Member
ooooh nice, liking it. although does vaguely remind me of "microsoft word 2008 for mac" logo. and i hate microsoft!

lol nah- i like it, 3d effect is there, and i like the green gradient. :batman:


Junior Member
It was kind of based off of that, and kind of from just messing around with a design i did 6 months ago. Should the green gradient be angled like the text?
Dude that's hot...I love it the way it is. I would make the lower color on the "Design for Life" gradient slightly lighter so it is a bit easier to read...other than that, real sharp.
I don't like it very much. It doesn't have any personality or express anything, and it looks like it's made by someone untrained who only knows the trends. A personal logo should be just that. personal. It could be an ok logo for a big company I guess, but not as a personal logo...

Unless you completly lack personal style, of course.
The actual shape of the M looks out of place - the spacings look out of synch with each other.

And the curve on the bottom of the M looks out of place.

Like the idea tho -
It's pretty and all, but I feel like it lacks identity or something to set it apart. Right now it comes off as a bit generic, sorry. Oh, and a bit off topic, but is dark grey really the new black?
yea, really smart logo... i think if i were to change anything, or at least have a bit more of a play around, i may be inclined to see if you can overlap the m in miralize on the M, and maybe even use pathfinder to remove it from the shape? I agree with previous about it reminding me of the MS Office 2004 logos... but yea, all in all, very nice