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Mind-boggling WordPress issue


Junior Member
Upfront, I will say that I do not know every little nook and cranny of WordPress, but I have built out several sites successfully with it so this issue is making me crazy.

Anyway, the details. I am working on a site re-design for a non-profit which was hosted on my site via HostGator until they were pleased with the look, feel and content: http://samanthaarmacost.com/client/restore
Here everything is fine and dandy, displaying correctly.

Earlier this week I moved the site over to their recently purchased hosting with Dreamhost: http://www.restoremariettaoh.com/
Over here, all seems well, but actually the text on the Home and Blog pages fail to display.

I have a feeling it is related to "Front page displays" under the Reading settings, but I've tried everything I can think of at this time and I am rather at my wits end. I would really appreciate any thoughts on the issue.

Thank you so much.

Update: Still no solution, but I just thought I'd mention what I have tried.
- Deactivating all plugins - did nothing
- Activating a different theme - successfully fixed the issue

From this I can conclude it is something on my custom theme, but I just don't understand how it can work with one host but not another.


Junior Member
Well, I now feel silly, but I have resolved my issue.

In the process of exporting from one host and importing to another, the numerical identifiers for categories changed, thus the following bit of php caused the problem.

 <?php if (in_category('3')) continue; ?>
The solution was to simply remove it.

I hope this keeps someone else from experiencing the same frustration.


Active Member
Good to hear you resolved it Samantha, was going to post to say the best way to move a WP site is to transfer the database and WP settings as well as all the theme files :up: