Menu Design/Overlays - Can it be made simple?


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I design a lot of menu's all different sizes so different sized text on each board. We currently use Adobe Illustrator for the majority of work.
Our customers are coming to us for overlays to change sometimes a few prices on each board which on big jobs is extremely time consuming.
Is there an easier way to create menu's and or overlays.
Even if it's different software you use, any help would be extremely appreciated.

Is there any other information you need?



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Indesign.... use illustrator to do any 'graphical work' then illustrator for any text, or atleast that's how I'd do a menu (I'm assuming food)


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Typically, what I do for menus, is setup the menu design, and get the amount printed they want (usually a low amount).
Then you get one's printed without the prices, this can be done in the same print run.
When you get the revised price list, you resupply the text overlay in a PDF with no other artwork.
The printers can then print over the pre-printed "shells".

I agree with the others though - I generate 99% of my work with InDeisgn - Illustrator for creating the initial template with all the graphics etc. Photoshop for all the images.
Then put it all together in InDesign.

DataMerge is often a very useful tool in InDesign - your customers could supply you with an Excel file of all pricing - and you'd simply merge that with the menu layout. It would speed things up greatly!