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Memory Project


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I'm currently doing a project on memory, how we understand and relate to things. I've posted some images and was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on them. Thanks!



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Would there be any patterns that you would find nostalgic?

Even although you do not find these nostalgic, can you identify the inspirations of influences of any of the pieces?


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True, but I am looking for other peoples opinions and memories.

Would you say it is possible to find nostalgia in patterns?

Are there any examples of your own you'd like to share?
Some floral sofa patterns remind me of the one at my grandparents house 10 years ago. Same goes with knitted blanket patterns. There isn't a specific design or specific memory related to any of them. When something clicks from an old memory my mind tends to wonder off in all sorts of directions.


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chrismitchell said:
Seriously.. this is just a very odd thread....
It's likely a uni project, which the op neglects to mention in the hope we may respond more, joining in more with the rest of the forum may be a better way to get people to consider responding :rolleyes:


Yeah I thought that too... I doubt that we'll be able to give any decent results.. LWDesign may as well go and ask for a call centre / people on the street to do this kind of work... As there is a higher possibility of getting some sort of reply.

Instead of sarcasm from a us :lol:


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Thanks for the feedback. The project is about how designers understand nostalgia, so asking your average person would be pointless. Most designer would have far better knowledge of what nostalgia is and how it is used in design.Maybe you'd like to give me some thoughts of your own on nostalgia?