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MayFly99 - Talented Graphic designers needed for new British T-shirt brand

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Hi there

My name is Nick and I am looking for talented, creative and dynamic graphic designers for a new T shirt company called MayFly99. The brand launches in early 2011, with a simple proposition - to showcase a new designer every day by selling only one t-shirt design daily, with just 99 prints available to keep things exceptionally exclusive.

Our designers will receive the following benefits for every design they have accepted by Mayfly99:
> A unique showcase for their work, including a biog of the designer with links back to their chosen site
> Profit share, with £1.50 of every tee sold going to the designer. Therefore, if all 99 sell on any given day, the designer earns themselves £148.50
> Unique discount code for designer's friends and family
> As we are making exclusive, bespoke 'Art-Wear', the first tee of the limited edition run is considered the most special. You will receive this tee, along with a letter of authenticity confirming it is the first of its kind
> The second most in-demand tee will be the 99th, which will be sent, along with a letter of authenticity, to the designer's celebrity/artistic inspiration of choice

Add to this the fact each designer used will be signed to a minimum of 3 designs to be used in the future*, and retains the future copyright of the design**, it really is an excellent opportunity.

Interested, Please can you email me on info(AT)mayfly99.com. More info about this opportunity can be found at Mayfly99.com




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nickgibbens said:
> Profit share, with £1.50 of every tee sold going to the designer. Therefore, if all 99 sell on any given day, the designer earns themselves £148.50
IF they're the chosen designer

and how much do the t-shirts retail for, £1.50 isn't much if the t-shirts sell at 30 quid+ a pop :rolleyes:

Also, I think your sums are wrong, you state it's £1.50 for every t-shirt sold yet you're giving 2 away for free, one to the designer and one to their 'inspiration' meaning only 97 will be 'sold' so it's technically £145.50 as 2 are being given away..
Hi there

Thanks for your questions.

The t shirts will retail for £19.99, I should have made this clear from the start.

The two free t shirts will be paid by the company, so the designer will get £1.50 for each of these as well.

Interested in submitting a few designs?


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Thanks for clearing up the finer points, I asked as I knew other's would have the same questions.

As to me submitting any, I don't actually think my style of work would fit in with your criteria (I'm more cad based in my work) but we do have a few people on here that do like doing t-shirt designs etc so they may be more interested.
Levi, I'm glad to hear that there are plenty of designers on here who might be interested, its a great opportunity to earn some decent money and to build up a commercial portfolio.

Don't be afraid to send in some of your designs, we are very open minded at MayFly, so give it a go.
Sunburn, we would be delighted if designers wanted to create and produce something new for a t-shirt design. However, we are expecting designers to submit work they have already created, therefore they could earn some decent cash for work they have already done. Do you have anything you would like to submit to us?


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@ nick - (x)html - css - js w/ bit of php also specialise in SEO and e-commerce for my sins :)
pretty much on the ball when it comes to modern web.


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Reasons why this offends the talented designers you're looking for:

  • A designer might spend hours/days working on artwork but never be chosen and even if they are, has no guarantee of making a profit worthy of creating the artwork in the first place.
  • £1.50 profit on £20 per t-shirt sold is an INSULT.
  • You show a disrespect for all designers by not providing fair recompense and expect a free tshirt and "A unique showcase for their work" to be incentive. It's not.
  • You show a lack of understanding of how much time and effort goes into a good tshirt design (or any artwork) and this is shown in your inability to offer fair payment for that time and effort.
  • The maximum a designer can make is £148.50. Most talented designers will make roughly this a day doing reputable, fair and paid work. Work which will be successful because it will have been discussed with the client first.
  • The tshirt will only be available for a day. While you might be successful in a year's time, every tshirt sold right now, when no one has heard of you will never sell all of its stock, therefore reducing any likelihood of maxing out the profit to zero.
  • You've stated that the artist will be signed to a minimum of 3 more designs as if that's some sort of amazing way to make more money. Not if they don't sell. And if they don't sell, I've just wasted x amount of time by designing the artwork.
  • The page you've linked to states that you have "the backing of an award-winning PR agency" - You have shown little PR towards the people you want to work with.
There have been a number of these sort of spec work users on Design Forums in my time on the boards and each time, they get more offensive but this really does have to be one of the worst. You belittle the very people you are trying to get on board by offering minimal compensation and/or incentives in an attempt to make the business a success for you and you alone.

This is not the way to attract talented people and you will be looked down upon by any respectable designer.

I truly am annoyed and disappointed with you.


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Bang on, Anagoge.
£1.50 per t-shirt going for £20 each? Considering the fact that the art us the ONLY part of the product that would make it sell and distinguish it from a bunch of plain primark garments... you seem to be trying to get it on the cheap, which won't attract the kind of talent you need for a design that will sell. The profit share element also shows your lack of confidence that it will sell at all.
Anagoge, rossnorthernunion, Jimlad - we were not trying to offend you with our payment structure or our concept. We fully expect designers to submit already created work to us, hence they can make cash out of the work they have already produced. I will speak to my business partners about the £1.50 commission and see if their is scope for increasing this.Thanks for all your feedback though guys, good or bad, it all helps, so we appreciate all your comments.
Typo, I love your website and your cartoon designs. Really, really impressive. I think we will certainly be able to use some of these, especially when we have our special cartoon themed week.

Two design requirements are:
> Adobe Illustrator format with no more than ten colours
> We can print anywhere on a tee (that doesn't cross a seam) but unless necessary ask that all designs go on front of tee in an area no bigger than 3556mm by 4064mm

I am going to send your website url to our art director.


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nickgibbens said:
We fully expect designers to submit already created work to us
The problem with this is that work already created for most designers is for a paying client. A client who isn't going to want to see their artwork used in a way in which they have not given permission for.

I appreciate the fact that you are open to criticisms and rightly so, but unless you are going to give at least a 50% share of all profits to the very designers that are going to be making you money, I see very little reason why any reputable designer would work with or for you.

I would strongly suggest you go back to your business model and re-evaluate it. This is not a business at the moment. It's a scam.
we also believe our concept would be great for students studying a graphic design related course, up and coming designers, or just people who want to start out in the world of graphic design.


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Cool Graphic Tees and Cheap Limited Edition T shirts by RIPT Apparel

These guys remain the king of the budget end, I have friends who have done quite well out of it.

I am no fan of the spec model, but threadless, DBH...its a long list, do very well and attract heavy hitters in terms of designers. When you hit the cheaper end/fresh faces, I don't see this as being that unfamiliar a deal.

If it was 10% of the advertised price I would feel better.

I have subbed a few things to comp sites like this, often it is designs that I have done that haven't worked out for the client, or I just did because I wanted to, so I thought I would have a punt as it was.

At the moment, I have a few things laying around, but nothing I think I am willing to give up any exclusivity rights too. Coming full circle, best thing about ript is that the designer retains all rights to the design, so can sell it on afterwards if they wish!
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