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Matte painting: Jungle in a New York street


Junior Member
I have created mattepaiting using as a street of New York photographs base transforming it into a jungle using more than 50 different photographies, that if, free of rights.
When doing it I have been inspired by the film " I am leyenda" but I have wanted to give a more dramatic atmosphere to the scene.
Good, be one that seems to you, podeis to see from here
Matte painting: Jungle in a Nueva York street


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there was a series on discovery about what would happened if humanity vanished, and that was what most cities looked like after 5 years!
Yeah I saw that too Mr P, they rekoned nature would reclaim the urban areas very quickly without the ongoing usage and maintenance that the cities etc currently have.
So where did the huge rock in the middle of the street come from?
...and is the red light on at the bus stop?

Like the pic though...any others?


Junior Member
Hi Matt

It is a great piece of work however the title seems a little wrong to me, if the dear were lions or elephants then maybe a jungle would have been more apt. To me it looks more like a forest. Personally I would have given it a more subtle name like '' Long Lunch '' or '' Away Day'' or something that depicts that man is absent :)