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Mark's Portfolio Review


Tony Hardy

I've split this out of my topic, just because otherwise I can imagine this getting very complicated very fast! :)
Hello there,
Very good portfolio pieces! I guess you are asking for a layout critique, maybe? If this is the case, I just have a couple of things to say.
1. Your design is so minimal that the typographic part becomes extremely relevant. You have two headings on each page. One of them should be lowercase; I feel that having two uppercase headings (even though one is bold and the other light) "screams" too much.

2. It could be useful to include a brief description of the company and/or project, so that the viewer can tell if your branding work matches the entity's core business.
Thanks Gianluca,
I'm not really bothered about the presentation here, it was just a quick throw together. What I really want to know is which pieces are the strongest/weakest so I can order them appropriately online to maximise the effect of my portfolio. If that makes sense?
Oh, I see! Sorry for the misunderstanding! So, I would go with this order:
  • Haywards;
  • Monitor;
  • Oxfos;
  • Riverside;
  • Manna;
  • Blackbeauty;
  • Fine Mastering;
  • Pinewood
  • Phone Credit to Cash;
  • All the rest.
Any way, I really really like your brand projects. They visually represent what a logo should be.