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Well its been about 5 years since I have done any graffiti and I have recently been doing more and more sketches in my moleskine at work but would like to colour them in I never purchased and decent markers as they were always expensive but I remember a company called Touch - anyone heard of them? thoughts?

Now these touch markers cost like 53 notes for 36 - does anyone know of anything similar but for a tad cheaper after all it is a recession and everything ;)



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Hi Craig. I'm not familiar with Touch but I use Pantone which are notably pricey and Posca pens which are very cool, worth checking out.


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I know of the name... not used them personally but they're meant to be ok for alcohol based markers.

I will say now that alcohol markers will not work well in a moleskin, the paper is too porous and you'd be better off picking up a set of normal berol colouring pens or water based markers.
Not too sure where you would buy them over there, but I also do graffiti and use Copic Sketch markers in my blackbook. Granted, their about $10 CAD for one marker but the quality and selection is untouchable. I've also heard pantone markers are good, but never tried them myself.


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When I was back at college we were taught to make marker visuals and illustrations to a pretty high standard.

The best markers around at the time were Pantone and Magic which were and probably still are very expensive, especially for a student.

I found a way of building my skills without buying all the colours was to buy a set of greys (warm and cold).

That way you can make monochrome illustrations with about ten or so markers which were cheaper by the set.
We used marker or layout paper which worked pretty well but I preferred the layout as I'd get a flatter finish.

At the time they brought out some double ended markers (fat/thin) which were great but for the life of me I can't remember the manufacturer.
As Scotty says..Pantone and Magic (with the glass and later plastic bodies) markers are the boys.
I believe the double ended markers are also Pantone but called Tria.
Not much good on normal paper but using a 'proppa' layout pad they are the biz.
Cool and warm grays are a good idea. I remember we used to practice visuals all day and used the skills in early days in advertising. Not so today but still good skills to have.
Check out the image attached of a great ref book for marker work. Also see the two types of marker discussed.


Cheers all.. looks like there all a similar price to be honest just have to make the payment :D

@ TYPO - The last company I worked at used a external advertising agency and they used markers to outline there adverts I was always in awe because they looked so good.
Slick visuals....very 1980's.

Takes me back. Drawing gray lines to indicate text and marker visuals every where.
I love the smell of SprayMount in the morning! The hours of fun you can have with a can of lighter fluid....


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Hay Typo,

I guess you and me are both old school:)

I still like SprayMount although the stuff almost killed me back in the day:(
That feeling of SM on the hairs on your arms after a heavy artworking session.

Also remember using lighter fluid to clean my kit down.
"Always keep a clean parallel motion".