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Marconi Media web design - What do you think?


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welcome, why not introduce yourself over at the introductions..
Regarding your site

The text is too small and not enough contrast between the black & grey

I have no idea what those images at the base of the page are

The costs are ermm very cheap?
"The prices displayed in this section include all taxes"
"All prices exclude VAT."

The porfolio page either breaks or looks terrible in Chrome :)

I am personally not fond of the actual site itself, but thats a personal feeling, and addressing problems such as text legibility and the portfolio would at least make it a viable site in my opinion.


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Thanks a lot, just corrected that contradiction:) Tried Chrome, works fine here in: Chrome, IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, FF, Opera 10, thing is the portfolio has an entirely different layout to expand the view to any user screen. The images at the bottom are of course logos of customers.


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ok, it looks bad (in my opinion) in chrome...
I feel that it being a full width scrolling section it looks un-tidy and "broke" like the wrapper isn't hiding the overlap
And would suggest making it the width of one of the images with arrows etc. so that they can be scrolled through...

The images at the bottom are of course logos of customers.
Not "of course" if I knew that, I wouldn't have said I have no idea what they are


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I don't know, I just can't see how a business could run on those costs.

lets say all you did were E-commerce websites & CMS, you'd need to do 80 basic sites in a year to get £20,000
80 sites would mean about 3 days each one...
£20,000 is maybe one persons wages...


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You're right there... these are starting prices, will have to up them a bit. But wanna stick to the decent price ranges. What would you say would a CMS website cost? 300-350 pounds?


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don't like the site personally either and have the same reservations as renniks

Also - the blue eyed greyscale woman - I assume you've got permission from the author to use it, I'm pretty sure you're probably not the author. I've seen it all over the place (deviant art etc) and have actually used it as my desktop wallpaper at one stage.


I'll be honest.. the site mainly freaked me out with the big blue eyed woman staring at me.. very creepy.. :eek: didn't really look at any of the other information you had on there :(


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chrismitchell said:
I'll be honest.. the site mainly freaked me out with the big blue eyed woman staring at me.. very creepy.. :eek: didn't really look at any of the other information you had on there :(
The woman freaked me out too. It feels too dark and has a scary look to it. It doesnt look inviting.
yes it all seems too dark, one thing I found is that the buttons for scrolling across the portfolio and also on the projects at the bottom are not noticeable enough, perhaps have them in the orange colour rather than the grey.
Not a fan of the pixelation on the womans face, bit freaked out too.

Prices, A lot of people try and start cheap but no matter how experienced you are, never start cheap, you will undersell yourself and people will expect cheap all the time. Start off slightly more pricier than you think is appropriate, you can always lower prices (offer items), which clients always like to see special offers etc.

But in order to start with decent prices, you need to back your prices up with portfolio work and background knowledge, to justify spending more money opposed to going with a cheaper company.

As an Ebay shop owner, i sell products at nearly double the price most people do, this is because i have a track record of customer loyalty, genuine products and friendly customer care etc.

Bit too dark aswell the site, maybe go for a clean cut, eye catching simple design. You can always work on the design.


I can't really comment on the web design prices.

But £95 for a logo seems so low. Even if it may not be your main focus or forte, it's the basis of a company, something that will hopefully help them be remembered. An icon, of their brand... It just seems very cheap considering the research and time that should, in theory, be spent on something fairly vital.

Also, the full-screen spanning of the portfolio, I found it really annoying. It might be just me, but the arrows that make it scroll aren't clear at all.


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It is also important for you to know that every site created by us from scratch gets full SEO for free.
Is this the same level of SEO given to your own site? From the look of it about 20 backlinks all from various design/web design forums, requesting feedback on your site design?

I wouldn't advertise services that you haven't applied to your own site, ever heard the phrase jack of all trades? Perhaps better to just mention search friendly code, if it is, not had a look at the source of your site/clients sites yet.

Agree with the others about the image, looks like it belongs on a horror movie poster?
Nice layout and stuff but from a user point of view I didnt see the scrolling arrows on the portfolio page..Also why are there arrow heads at each end of the nav? I clicked them expecting something to happen?


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£95 for a company logo!

Even if you charged £20 an hour that's like saying you're going to mock up and nail the logo first time within 5 hours for the client, no chance!