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Manual Design

Hi Guys,

I need some help as I don't have the man hours to do this job.

"We have a new software product called Classroom Mentor which is basically a product called netsupport that we have rebranded. The net support user manual is 309 pages long and needs rebranding.

The job has been started and there is an indesign document ready. The new text is in a word document which needs changing all references from NetSupport to Classroom Mentor, and then putting it into our template. I think what is left to do is to make sure the netsupport screenshots are replaced with the classroom mentor screenshots and also that the text from the word doc is lifted into the template .Then it’ll need formatting.

I have the old manual, the new template, the new text and that's pretty much all there is too it. The old screenshots can be copied across and it's more or less a copy and paste job. Ideally I need it turned round for EOP Friday but Monday should be fine.

I have a budget of £375 for the job - and can pay you once I've received the PO.

If this is something of interest please email me ASAP:




Senior Member
Yeh pretty much same as everyone else, any other week and I could have got it sorted, but having full days work for the next 3 days stops that....


Senior Member
Pfft, it's not the kind of busy I want to be :( it's the kind of busy I need to be to pay the rent :( who'd have known I would be making money as a chef after vowing to never work in a kitchen again after wetherspoons!