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'Making Natural Cool' - In need of some inspiration.

Hey Peeps,
I am currently working on a animation project for a new Protein Supplement company.
At this stage All of the branding is done (http://supp.co/)
I have been brought in to create an infographic that will inform new customers on why their products are different from other companies and why they are changing the game.
They like the mantra of 'Making Natural Cool' which is great and I like it to but I am falling flat on finding other types of brands that do this. I did look at Innocent drinks as their adverting tends to lean in that direction of being natural but cool at the same time.
I have been playing around with a few idea's that I like but I'm not 100% digging them. I think I need to look elsewhere for some inspiration and this is where I need some help.
Have you seen anything recently or in the past that fits the mantra of 'making natural cool', or are there any designs, studio's whose work fits this?
I know this is a big ask and thanks for your time :)


Staff member
first thing that hit me on that link were the bottles with the 'graphic elements' on them.... I'd be playing around with those shapes in the infographic to return emphasis on the branding.
It really does depend on the overal style of the design though....
Cool, thanks for this Levi, it has made me think. Yeah I appreciate I've asked a really broad question, possibly just a stab in the dark. I'll get working on that! Thanks :)