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Making inital contact with certain potential clients

Hey guys, this is my first post here.

Question for you.

I've recently move to a regional area and am trying to get new clients for myself (I do web and graphic design). One big industry I see around here is things like lawn care, landscaping ect. I see alot of small businesses around doing this work many of them just people with trucks, utes basically with their mobile number and name on the side of their car or trailer. However not many of these have a websites or contact details. I'm trying to find a way to make an initial contact with them but I don't want to go up to a guy whilst he's up a tree or mowing a lawn to discuss web sites.
Nor do I want to be calling these people up on their mobiles whilst they're driving around or in the middle of a job.

So I wanted to ask if you feel it's appropriate to send them a text message after hours briefly introducing myself, my services and my contact details? That way if they're interested they can get back to me in their own time and if they're not keen then I haven't annoyed them.

Also some of these places have a mailing address or a PO Box. Would you think it would be appropriate to give them a letter with a letter head, brief intro and contact details? Might be nicer than banging on their door like a salesman.

Anyway, love to hear your thoughts.

Personally i would never approach them by text.

Do your research on them and call or email them and explain what you do and if you show them your work and tell them that you could help them promote their business etc

You have the much better idea at the bottom of your post so i'd go with that!