Make a repeating pattern out of a single Logo / Picture etc.


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Hi everyone!

I've been drawing a logo lately and I want to print it on Shirts and Cups and else. But I thought that it would be pretty cool If could have this one logo and make it into a pattern. Problem is: I dont know how. I dont have Photoshop or anything so a tip for a free program or maybe even something you can do online would be appreciated.

For everyone who does not know what I mean here is an example:

I hope that I could communicate what I wanted to do (not a native speaker) and I want to thank everyone that takes his time to read this and maybe even have an anser. Thank you all.


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The best way is to have it as a vector. The best software is probably Adobe Illustrator but that is expenisveish. You can get something like Inkscape for free.

There are loads of tuts online


I’m not entirely convinced you aren’t running before you can walk here. I’d suggest spending the time learning what you are doing before launching a shop selling such things. It’s a sure fire way to end up tripping yourself up.


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Adobe Illustrator is the software to use for this. I would be happy to help you out if your time is limited, for a small fee. You can check out my portfolio. or email me at if interested. I've attached an image I made for a wallpaper design that is along the lines of the repeated look you are looking for. Have a great Day!