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mailto: links

I was just wondering how many people actually use these to send emails?

I have always been with Hotmail and correct me if I'm wrong, hotmail accounts can't make use of these links since they cannot be pop'ed to outlook.

And since (I think) the majority of the market is held by hotmail, it leads me to the question... what's the point? Just because you can?


Senior Member
I think a lot of people use an in-browser inbox, just because the average Joe might not know how to set up his desktop email client. My parents sure as hell don't and if it wasn't for me they'd be using an in-browser inbox too.

A friend taught me a trick to display your email in ascii codes. He claims it prevents spam but I never put it to the test myself.

would result in: info@domain.com

Unfortunately it doesn't work here because the forums automatically convert it before posting.
I use the method Onartis uses (I might have even been the first to show him... not sure :p).

Also, Hotmail sounds like some kind of porn service, atleast go to gmail.