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Magic, Pick a Card - I can read minds


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I was doing a seminar presentation a while back and as ever I like to put on a show and not death by Powerpoint to get the numb nuts thinking. I was trying to fathom out how to demonstrate Creative Thinking and how to get an idea, and how to drill down to the the route of a problem by a series of right questions. And on the way to the seminar it came to me. So I stopped at the nearest shop and bought a pack of playing cards.
Design is problem solving. The hardest part of problem solving is knowing the problem - ( that's where designers fail...)
If someone gives me a problem / or a blank bit of paper.... where do I start???

I start not by creation, but by elimination. By working out what it is NOT ( Not what it IS) you will get to the true solution.
So... First one to reply can pick a card from the Deck ( not the Jokers! ) And by a series of questions I will tell u what it is.
PS... Dont tell me the card! just pick one ( it helps if you have a pix of the card!!!)

Tony Hardy

I don't really understand this post Berry ;)

Do you want me to say "I've picked a card"? But then not tell you what it is? :)


So you're just going to ask, is it clubs/hearts etc and then start narrowing down the numbers?