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Magazine design help required by student

Discussion in 'Graphic Design Forum:' started by neiluk09, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. neiluk09

    neiluk09 New Member

    Hi all,

    I am a final year journalism student from England. I am currently devising a national student magazine. The concept of my magazine is this: Half of it contains lifestyle stories, the other half careers.

    My lecturer wants me to have a contents page that is image driven, possibly with a mortar board for the career side. But I need some fun graphic to emphasise the two sides to my magazine. Like a motorboard/party hat combined or a mortarboard supporting lifestyle stuff. (film, tv, reviews, going out, interviews, entertainment etc).

    I just need a quirky design really to emphasise my '50:50' ness of my magazine. (which also integrates with the layout of my contents). Any ideas? Many thanks.
  2. LovesPrint

    LovesPrint Member

    Is there a graphic design course at your Uni? If so, you should definately pop in and see if there are any students who fancy collaberating with you on this one - it'd be a great project for both parties, and I know graphic students are always on the hunt for 'live' projects to do! :icon_smile:
  3. KevJaques

    KevJaques Member

    Hmm, there are a couple of things with this: This is my opinion, take no offence to it, it is there as I see it.

    On the one hand students should really try and think of their own stuff as it should be their own work and thoughts, otherwise your not going to get very far.
    Students may also want to hog the liimelight themselves and not look to collaborating.
    As Artgem1984 said collaborating will help both parties, will also show the students are resourceful and ask for help where they can. Help does not always mean give them the answers on a silver platter.
    Design for purpose and a sense of vision agreed by both parties will help the work being done.
  4. neiluk09

    neiluk09 New Member

    I can understand that, but this is a forum after all, I am a journalist not a graphics designer, and not everyone has these skills. Plus I was looking for some inspiration, not necessarily answers on a platter as you put it.
  5. KevJaques

    KevJaques Member

    heheh, as Artgem1984 and I said, look at collaborating with a graphic designer friend from your uni, you both get something out of it which will teach you more about business/relationships/working together than any forum reply could, invaluable imo.

    Inspiration can come from all manner of things, we don't know how much thinking, research orwork about this you have done yourself but you have given lots of areas for looking at things.
    I suggest you research these yourself, if your then stuck with how to approach it then I'm sure you will get more replies with help.

    To me it looks like you have not exhausted all forms yourself yet. Even sketching out some ideas from the things you have mentioned would go further to looking at this yourself, anyone can sketch out some basic ideas.

    Look to typography for example, you could lead in with some typography idea, now that should be in your area without having to be a graphic designer.
  6. LovesPrint

    LovesPrint Member

    I agree completely with this it's very true. I think if you did choose to work with a designer at your Uni it would provide you with valuable experience, as you say, you are a journalist first, in the future you will certainly be working with graphic designers to produce pieces of journalism which are asthetically pleasing (GD) and obviously well researched and written by yourself. This could be a fantastic opportunity to gain credit with your tutors (professional development!) and start developing a relationship with a designer, even just to see how it would work. It could be the start of something great - future projects with a GD contact etc..:icon_smile:

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