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Macbook pro battery charge problem


Active Member
Just got a replacement battery for the laptop and after draining it to 3% and fully charging it, as specified.
But now it is stuck on 40% and it has taken me nearly 24 hours to get it to 58%
At this rate it will be fully charged by Easter.

Any clues what could do?

I'm going to drain the battery to 3% and see if it will recharge from that again.
Hmm just been researching this issue. Not using Snow Leopard by any chance are you?

Lots and lots of issues ont' net about this. My battery is showing 808mAh/14% after only 158 load cycles, and it even runs out of juice sleeping overnight, fully charged! Apparently Li-Ion batteries don't benefit from being drained completely and fully charged, even though Apple recommend this for the system to calibrate the capacity. The cells' optimum capacity is 40%, but I don't know how you're supposed to excerise the cells while keeping to the 40% rule!

I've done the calibration thing, trashed the energy-saving prefs, reset to default energy settings to no avail. I have just bought a new compatible (5800mAh, £55 posted) to see how that fairs. It's time new battery material was developed, it's crazy those heavy batteries only last 3 hours when new.