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macbook for meetings?


Senior Member
To all of you mac users out there - what is your mac set up?

Ive got a 20inch imac that I use for work in my office set up at home but now need to invest in a macbook or macbook pro for meetings.

My use will be showing them graphics and websites and some on site design work.

Im definately going to get a 13inch but its out of the new macbook pro aluminium body or the older (squared design) macbook white that I would max out with ram to 4gb?

My choices are the following:

Macbook 13" Pro 250gb hardrive 2.66ghz processor 4gb ram
MacBook 13" Pro 300gb hardrive 2ghz processor 2gb ram
Macbook 13" White 160gb hardrive 2.13ghz processor 2gb ram (i would upgrade to 4gb and use an external hardrive for work files)

Should i opt for the cheaper macbook or wait and push for the macbook pro considering my use.


If you actually want to do some work I would get macbook pro with more ram. Macbook pro over the normal macbook simply because it's going to be more hard wearing, especially when being carted around to meetings. More RAM and Processor speed over a bigger HDD because you want to avoid long silences while waiting for stuff to work :)


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Either get an iPad or go the whole way and get a decent 15" MBP in my opinion.

If you're anything like me, you'll slowly do more and more work on your new piece of tech and hence would have regretted not getting the better one


Senior Member
I've got a massively upgraded macbook white and it serves me well throughout my whole life, screw just meetings!

If you look on ebay/second hand, old macbooks are great and probably a similar price to an ipad.