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Macbook Battery

Discussion in 'General Software & Hardware Forum:' started by Greg, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Hi all,

    I recently picked up a secondhand macbook from a friend to use whilst I'm traveling, just wondering if anyone knows if you can buy long life batteries for macbooks at all? and if so any recommendations? Struggling to find any manufacturers of them - has Apple prevented anyone else from making them? :confused:

  2. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Ahh the good old Amazon! next you'll be telling me to Google it! :D
    Has anyone tried any of those available on Amazon?

  3. tim

    tim Senior Member

    on the topic of macbook batteries: apparently, after 300 plug-ins to the wall, the battery is programed to terminate...?
  4. Greg

    Greg Active Member

    Just searched that up as was intrigued, and found this post:
    Might have to try and get that app or a similar one...
  5. electricalyce

    electricalyce Member

    I have 708 cycles and 99% health, so it's very individual.

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