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Mac Pro or New Imac??

Hi I hope someone can give me some advice please??

I work in a studio that currently runs 4 mac pro's that run CS5. We are looking to take another designer on and therefore need an new machine and upgrade the others to CS6. We are looking at both the new iMac and a Mac Pro - obviously there are cost implications as the Pro would be more expensive and was wondering if anyone out there runs the new iMac in a work situation with CS6 and has any speed/preformance issues that would help us decide.

Thanks in advance :)
Hi there. I went through a similar process recently. Although I was only considering the iMac.

In the end, after much research, I actually ended up with a Mac mini for various reasons. It runs CS6 like a dream and has many advantages over the iMac:

• Upgrade the RAM yourself. I got 16GB for £60 from Crucial which has a big speed boost when working in all the CS programs.
• Choose your screen. I didn't want a 21in and 27in is too big for me. So I bought a 23in.
• Firewire port.
• Upgrade cheaper in the future. Upgrade the Mac mini and keep your screen.
• More speed for your money.


• No dedicated graphics card. So video work and gaming would be better on an iMac and loads better on a Mac Pro.
• Not as pretty.
• Not an all in one Apple package.

As I said you do get more processor speed for your money with a mini. You can check this out in the link below. It shows the processor speed comparisons.

The Mac mini I got scored 11609, which is only beaten by the top two specs for iMac (12583 & 12410).

Mac Benchmarks - Geekbench Browser

Obviously, the Mac Pro is the best package, but's by far the most expensive. The iMac is a decent package, but I'd go (and did go) for a Mac mini.

Lastly, the Mac Rumours forums are a good place for lots of info – MacRumors Forums - Mac News and Rumor Discussion

I hope that all helps a little. Let me know if you want any more information.