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Mac help


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Ok, I reckon my Mac is about to go belly up on me as its become really tempermental over the last week.
1. It keeps cutting off and restarting itself - generally when the mouse stops repsonding and i get the spinning wheel
2. I get the sopinning wheel a lot while I'm waiting for apps to respond.
3. its very slow.
4. A pop up keeps appearing - about not having a plug in to play this movie ( maybe Ive got something from downloading movies!)
5. Ive had nothing but issues since i switched from Firefox to Chrome.
6. Some pages in Chrome arn't rersponsive.
Ran Disk Utilities and it says ok.
Any suggestions peeps?


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do you have the install disks? step one is to reinstall software.

either that or jump to an apple store. they can determine it's hardware or software in about 90 seconds flat.

if you wanted to run a hardware test by yourself, reboot your mac and hold 'd' when the screen goes black until it loads the diagnostic screen.


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i may or may not have the install disks.......
apple store - imac is prob out of warrantly now.
ill try option 3
( i can hear a movie and a TV ad somewhere in the background sometimes, but no apps are running?)
tried draining the system? if theres a bug looping somehwere then emptying the capacitors might get rid of the memory running in the background, works really well with anything electrical. we do it all the time with cameras in my shop and ive done it with my old macbook and have to do it with my blackberry all the time too.....
take away the power source (battery/powerlead) and hold down the power button for 30 seconds, this will empty the capacitors in the computer. then jsut turn it on again and do another systems check.
Done this once with my Imac because of a connectivity issue and it was fine after.
Silly question, but are you all backed up?Restart in single user mode and run a file system check:restart then command + sThen type fsck -y (or-f)Reboot when finished.Then zap your PRAM.Hold down option + command + P + R until you hear it dong.Do you have have the hard wear test DVD that came with your Mac?I've used DiskWarrior a few times and it's well worth it. Carbon copy cloner (CCC) is worth looking at as well.Good luck.


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thanks chaps, I'll try the simplest option first of draining the system, then I'll let u know how I get on.
cheers your all on my Xmas card list


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right i think its all sorted - no more dyson sound. Ive ditched Chrome and returned to Firefox as the pop up was linked to Chrome somehwere.