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Mac Emails on PC look funny??


Senior Member
Hey Guys,

We have a weird problem, when Howard sends an email from a MAC using Mail to a PC the email comes though with loads of questions marks within the text or sometimes little squares looks very messy but we can't work out how to fix it, he can send in plain text and that works, but then looks very plain and we can't use an email signature, anyone else having this problem? Did you manage to resolve it?



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Stuff needs properly encoding. And glyphs on a Mac don't equate to glyphs on a PC. Use this little script I wrote to grab glyphs and their entities:

	<?php		for ($count=1; $count<=[COLOR="Red"]1000[/COLOR]; $count++){			if ($count&1){				echo "<p class=\"odd\">&#" .$count. "; = &#" .$count. ";</p>\n";			}			else{				echo "<p>&#" .$count. "; = &#" .$count. ";</p>\n";			}		}	?>
Change this number as you see fit.


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Hmm im actually confused with that reply Harry, how does PHP resolve this, perhaps I didn't explain well, basically on Howards MAC in the mail program, he write an email sends it to me, im using Outlook on my PC, and the email comes in with lots of weird questions marks etc?

Sorry if I wasn't clear before!



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I think I can act as middle man and explain, when you use special charectors on a mac theyre entered as code, for example in web terms "&nbsp" however macs and windows read these codes in different ways and some dont understand each other, meaning they just show a defult symbol (such as squares)

Im guessing his script will convert the "codes" into understandable formats for both op systems and the problem will disapeer.

Its probably easier for someone who understands to explain but that makes sense in my head ^ :p