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Lowering a file size in flash


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If your talking about the coloured ink video on your site a swf files not the way forward it will always be large playing video.

You need to make it into an flv video then you can stream it from the server to avoid it having to fully load first. Once you've done that change the video component in flash to autoplay/loop and 'break' the link to your player 'clearOverAll' (so video controls don't show) or similar in the video components parameters.

Then you'll get the same effect but it will stream (and the flv will probably be a smaller file size too)
Thanks Andy, yes the coloured ink is the one.

How easy is it to convert the file to an FLV and set the component right? Sorry I don't have flash so any advice would be useful.

Thanks again


to convert it to an FLV file you should use Adobe Media Encoder and there you will be able to select the correct FLV, though you will need to export your FLA as a MOV which is done in the export movie option.

Hopefully that works ok :) worked for me :)