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Lost Domain Names - Need Advice reclaiming


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Well a crap week is getting crapper, if that's even a word, well is in norfolk! haha

Got back from Trip to find even more problems with a previous company used by Flexifoil has gone into administration.

To explain, the Domain expired in October, it was registered to us and all contact details were ours BUT 123-reg would not give us access as it was under an account that was suspended by the administrators looking after the previous company.

This meant we were not able to get access to the domain, in this period the domain went out of grace period and has been purchased!

This week we finally got domains moved into our account but was too late!

While the domain loss is not end of world we would still like to get it back.

Flexifoil is a trademark worldwide so as such if this word is used in the URL do we have rights to the domain?

Also any idea about trying to get the domain name back etc...

If work/hours is required you will be covered etc...




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Hi Craig,

First port of call if it's a UK domain(?) should be to contact Nominet (the UK Registry for domains) not the registrar like 123-Reg. Sending you a PM now, may be able to advise a bit more specifically if you can let me know the domain, or try and catch you on MSN.



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Yep as Greg as said first things first whats the extension. if .co.uk Nominet would be your best bet, although the process can be expensive. If it another extension you will need to contact the appropriate registry!