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Lost $260 to scam!

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to mine over the past week.

I signed up to freelancer and started to bid on a few projects - eventually I won a project to complete some work for $260 (160 pounds). The guy was clear what he wanted and so we started the process of designing the 4 different banners he wanted for a conference. Today he said to me he didn't want to go ahead because he decided that he was going to work with another freelancer.

Overall I completed 3 hours of work for nothing, with the exception to humiliation.

How can I prevent this from happening? Can I really charge someone before I have even started to do some work?

Thanks in advance.


Senior Member
Did they pay a deposit? I always get 50% up front.

They are more liking not to mess you about because they have parted with money and if they do then at least you have something.


Senior Member
Definitely insist on a 50% deposit, its a must. Im still chasing £80 from over 12 months ago all because I didnt get a deposit first, it definitely taught me a lesson!
Appreciate the comments. I will definitely start to have a 50% deposit.

How does it work? (I guess there are different ways) Do i have to do some work then ask for the deposit? Or they have to pay the deposit before I even start the work?

And could I set up a 'terms and conditions' or something similar that I could send individually to each client before any project commences?

Thanks for the help so far!