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Looking to rent a desk in London

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So I have been sitting in this little flat for 2 weeks (ie working from home) and I am going a bit stir crazy!

I am looking to rent a desk somewhere either quite cheaply (pm me for my budget) or earning my keep doing odd jobs. This can be anywhere in London but preferably in a creative agency environment which may need print work done on an ad hoc basis and is easy to get to via public transport with wifi included in the deal (needle in a haystack I know but I figured I would give it a try).

I have already seen quite a few possibilities online (on sites like gumtree etc) but thought I would put it out here as well before making any final decisions.

So, anyone got a small space for little old me? I am laid back but also pretty quiet and low maintenance! :angel:


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Hi Peter,

You could also try Advertising/Marketing/PR/Media companies to help your branch the search out a bit, assuming you would be happy to hire a desk in those sorts of environments, it could potentially help with the search for ad hoc print work. You could try posting a request at the Brand Republic forums, or having a look through any recent posts for available space (just be aware that some office rental companies are probably lurking!) Blogs & Forums - Brand Republic

HTH & good luck with the search.


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No problems Peter, if I think of any other suggestions I'll let you know.
You never know someone on DF may have some space or know of someone...


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We have desk space available, see our advert below- feel free to contact us for a chat if you need.

Calling all freelance creative people, designers, website designers, programmers, app developers, etc. Want to make an impact on the creative industry? We are looking for creatives to rent space in a south London based office formulating a strong and dynamic in-house working environment, whilst building upon your own career in the creative industry. Work in an office that will allow you to work as an individual or as part of a team on selected projects. Work on personal projects and receive creative work. If you want more creative work or have ever worked on a project and needed that extra support at your finger-tips, then this is for you.
For more information and to apply for this unique opportunity, please send your details and three samples of your work to our email info@ininks.com
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