Looking to build a UI portfolio - advice


New Member
Hi everyone, I am a graphic designer who has mainly specialised in print, however in recent years I have started to design for web, websites/e-shots etc.

I would now like to venture more into UI design and potentially in the future become a full time UI designer. I am looking into any online courses I can do to help build my knowledge in this area. I also need to build a portfolio. Do I need to have experience designing for an actual project (i.e app) or can I just do some dummy projects? Will any future employers/clients need to check out an app to see it working? Or will visuals suffice?

Reason I am asking is because I am finding it very difficult to find any one off projects without paying any subscription fees (i.e upward, freelancer, peopleperhour) I am happy to do these projects for free just so I can build a portfolio but I'm reluctant to pay these sites a monthly fee to do so.

Any advice from anyone else who has done this???