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Looking for some legal advice.


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A friend of mine is having some problems with a large company in the US who produce hats (no names, but its not New Era) and he is having issues with them. The problems include:

1. He paid a deposit (its a percentage of their minimum) to get samples made and right. He wasn't happy with the samples, and got incontact with them to say so and when he asked for the deposit back, they have ceased communications. He has been emailing various addresses and had no luck.

2. They sold the samples to someone who then put them up for sale on ebay! This actually breeches their contract, as officially the hats are his property. It has created some serious problems for him.

He is based in Northamptonshire, and I said I would ask if there was anyone he could contact, ideally for the cost of a phone call, to speak to about this.

Anyone got a good lawyer he can phone?


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Hi Mike, my mum teaches degree law up north, I've popped the above in an email to her and I'll let you know when I get a response.


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The response just came in:

Hi Will

Without further details I can’t really say very much about this. However, it seems likely that as the contract was concluded in the USA, then it will be dealt with under American law and cannot be pursued in this country. This would entail employing an agent in the States to take the issue up for your friend which could be very costly. I would be inclined to put this down to experience and advise your friend to always read the small print and always pay by credit card for amounts over £100 – if the company defaults on a contract then you can always go to the credit card company for a refund.

(Why did he send the hats back if they belonged to him?)

Love mum xx
I would agree with the lawyer. Unless it is a substantial sum of money, put it down to experience.

Even with larger amounts of money I've found you have to invest LARGE to get anything back.

Sigh. Lawyers. ;)