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Looking for some help

I am setting up my photography business, I have a name set but I need help with the logo, that will be on business cards and advertisements. I have seen a couple I like but just wondered if anyone could help me out. I don't know how to go about creating my own. I will but the one I choose! It is On Three Phototgraphy. I want it to be on a feminine side, I want it to include a camera sketch of some kind. Anyone out there do this, or can you direct me where to look? Thanks


Staff member
Welcome to DF HartP3. :)

I'm sure there are plenty of people on here that could help you out.
I think "On Three" is a great name and there are lots of ways you could go with it.

I'm not sure if we have a photography section on here but if not why not start one and show us some of your work?


Staff member
Welcome to the forum.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but the way I'm reading your post HartP3, it reads as if you want us to design your branding for you and then 'maybe' buy it from us if you like it.

That isn't how it works on this site as we're mostly professionals who do this (and other) types of work for a living to pay the bills, I'm sure you wouldn't want us to come to you and ask for photos to be taken with just the possibility of payment from the job.

If I am wrong and you would like to go through the full process of working with a designer there are several people on here who specialise in branding who I'm sure would be willing to help you out. If you can post up a budget, full brief and timeframe etc then it will help everyone else here.
Thanks Scotty! This is a new adventure for me turning a hobbie into a business. What I was looking for is a logo design to put on cards, disc etc. I knew fully well that this is work I would be buying! I fully intended to buy the design, I just didn't want to pay for something then not like anything they came up with! I don't take picture payment before they see the work!! I had several designs come in from another fourm and I chose one, (and bought it today)! But thanks for your opinion!