Looking for new business logo design!


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Looking to hire someone with experience in making eye catching / popping business logos. Aiming for more of a trendy (Not old school or professional) tone. The business is involved with green and Eco friendly products such as clothing, jewelry, furniture, and other goods.

I have some color ideas, but outside of that I'm to your design ideas. I've had other logos created in the past from other forums and the transaction has always been pleasant. I'm hoping that the trend continues!

If this sounds like its up your alley, shoot me a PM!



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When you say, you are not looking for a professional designer, I am intrigued as to why you would make that stipulation?

The point of employing a professional designer is that he or she will be able to take what you want to say and visually communicate that to your intended audience.

If your market sector requires a ‘trendy’ solution – for what that’s worth – then you would likely get that solution. I would suggest asking a professional for their suggestions, based on your requirements and what you need it to do. Unless your business is one of those few, ever-changing, transient, fashion-led, uber-cool kinds, trendy will quickly become dated, by its very nature. Trendy is not great for longevity. If it is, then be prepared to constantly evolve your brand.

Can I ask, what sector are you in?

If budget is the criterion governing your precondition, of course, that’s understandable. Budget is always going to be a factor. However, what I would say, is that saving a few quid at this point is probably false economy. To start a business, you have to invest a certain amount of money. The cost of a brand identity – how the world sees you and the assumptions it will make – should always be factored in to a business plan.

How you present yourself is crucial, if you are starting a new company. Would you go to a job interview in your gardening clothes? You would have already set the minds of your prospective employers before you utter a single word. I’ll wager you wouldn’t get the job – unless it’s for a gardening job. What they will read from that is, you couldn’t be arsed.

Same is true for your business’s identity. You have to look like you care enough about your business and communicate effectively, otherwise it will look like you can’t be arsed. Why would anyone buy anything from a business that can’t be arsed. Never a good look.