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Looking for honest advice

We are a company that work with special needs children, and have used this logo for about 8 years. We love it, but fear it may be too busy and dated. Would any of you artists be kind enough to give us some feedback and how we can improve the logo without killing its mood?



Hey if i understood right about the mood you are talking about then removing the stick figure character will kill the mood of your logo.So in my opinion i think you should keep them as they are and try to edit the alphabets a little bit making them look a little bit new or modern:):):).
Tell me if you need more advice


Well-Known Member
I agree that it needs to be simplified greatly, there are a number of ways it can be done and still keep all the different elements.
The image needs to be smaller and the typography more friendly I think.
Maybe just simplify by having one character holding the jigsaw pieces and get rid of shading/highlights. Modernise/soften the type. If you are using online platforms the current logo is way too busy. 'PBS Therapy' as a profile image/logo would be much clearer. Lots of scope if you are determined to keep the feel of existing branding. Best of luck with it.


Staff member
I think you can get away with more considering the nature of what you do but this is a little OTT.

I don't think it helps that the letters on the pieces are at angles and you could lose the 3D effect and at least simplify the sun if you don't want to drop it all together.
Maybe reduce the number of characters to three and have each one holding a jigsaw piece?