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Looking for help and advice with a logo design?

Discussion in 'Logo Design & Brand Identity Forum:' started by Scottie, Apr 1, 2013.

  1. Scottie

    Scottie New Member

    Hi guys,
    I really need a logo designers help if at all possible?
    I'm hoping to start up my own business at some point, but at this moment in time its but a pipe dream!
    Lack of funds is really stopping me from getting it off the ground!
    I have came up with a couple of basic designs for what I think I want?
    This is where anyone with any input, knowledge, tips or even help would b greatly appreciated!
    Hope you guys might be able to help?
    Appreciate your time folks
    All the best scott. :icon_biggrin:
  2. Nick Dittrich

    Nick Dittrich New Member

    Hi, what you need to explain to any designer is what sort of company yours will be, if you want to use it on products, packaging, websites etc., this will all direct the designer as to colour choice, font, proportions, line weight and overall style suitable for your marketplace.

    Also check that the name you want to use isn't registered to anyone else first ! And if you want to trademark it this will be vital.

    Set out in writing as much information as you can but talking to your designer is essential, give examples of other logos you admire to give context.

    Work in stages, designers like to experiment and that takes time! Only request three options at a time, that way you can focus on each and not be swamped. Give concise feedback, don't offend but wish washy won't help and we are not mind readers ! Although I have been accused of this by clients - I once had a request for a logo with a very small budget which only allowed for 1 concept ! They had used the rest of the budget on designs from elsewhere and didn't like any of them... I was recommended to them and presented my 1 concept... Approved without any changes. I went on to create marketing material for them too.

    In my experience most clients know what they don't want, not what they do ! That's where as a designer you need to interpret the clients' desires - all in a day's work.

    I hope this helps.

    (If you have a concept then upload an image for constructive criticism.)
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  3. Edge

    Edge Active Member

    I think sometimes logos get overworked so beware of trying to cram too much into it. I mean look at the Orange Logo. Someone probably got paid a lot of money to do that and went laughing all the way to the bank but it works. It's also nice and generic and doesn't tie them down to anything - just nice and self contained. There's also a lot of big companies out there with shit logos and they get away with it. You got me googling good and bad logos and I came across this which was interesting reading.

    I think if you decide what your brand is first then that sets the scene for the logo and try and keep it simple but memorable.
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  4. Scottie

    Scottie New Member

    Thanks for your input lads. I appreciate it.
    I have what I think it is what I want to go with? I think??
    Im wanting to start a pike angling clothing/ tackle/ guided days out company.
    Ive sorced my initial clothing section, but I need a logo to whack onto them to get the ball rolling.
    What i've decided on is XPA " expert pike angling ".
    I put together 2 rough designs but I dont know how to upload them?
    My biggest problem is tackling the pike section of my design?
    XPA will be the stand out point of the design with Expert pike angling in there somewhere!
    What do you think guys?
    Thanks again
  5. Scottie

    Scottie New Member

    2013-02-05 15.03.39.jpg 2013-02-05 15.04.03.jpg
    This is what ive got so far but as I say the fish parts of the design need to change, its all I could get with what I had.
  6. printcreative

    printcreative New Member

    I prefer the second one, although the fish doesn't look like a pike and the hook doesn't look like a fishing hook as you have stated

    By using a 'create a logo' site, you are going to be limited with what you can use. You would be much better to show these two designs to a designer to create a bespoke logo from. I would be happy to discuss helping out if you want to pm me.

    You don't want to just whack a logo onto your clothing range. It needs to be something that fits the brief and something that someone else can't easily copy. By using these types of websites there is nothing to stop your competitor creating the same logo and using it as they please.

    Good luck which ever route you go down. Think of your logo design the same as insulating a wall when building a house. If you don't put any insulation in it will be very hard to backtrack and put it back in later!
  7. Stephen Ward

    Stephen Ward New Member

  8. FrontierCreatives

    FrontierCreatives New Member


    Any updates on this since 4/2/2013? I would have to say I like the first one, it has that "Professional" "Tournament" look and feel that will appeal to clients and let them know you are serious about Pike Angling...

    VLAHAKISA Member

    Not bad. I'd use the right hand design (orange), and just make the tagline smaller than the main company name, or at least not too much bigger than it.

  10. michael403

    michael403 New Member

    Remember that the logo which you are designing for your business, should be simple and easy to understand. If you make it too much complicated then it is a bad practice of logo designing because a user has no too much time to understand what your logo is about. The other important tip is that read popular blogs of logo designing about the latest tips and tricks of this creative industry. On these blogs, the world's top logo designers also share their experiences about what they experimented.
  11. jooty

    jooty Active Member

    Slightly worried about the type of people we have on here guys. It may not be my place but I do want these forums to be a respectable and good source of information. The above poster owns a website that claims to have won awards in logo design etc. I spoke to one today.

    Brian Aikman: BTW what you have to do it any ways
    Nigel: your not making sense anymore Brian.
    Brian Aikman: then what are you doing on our website.. wasting your and our time if you dont mean any business
    Nigel: I want to see some sort of proof to back up what you claim
    Nigel: im trying to help an industry that is in tatters because of people like you
    Brian Aikman: we dont need to proof you and any one about this if you want to believe it fine if not fine too..
    Nigel: no , the problem is you do need to prove it
    Nigel: Trading Standards will ask you to prove it.
    Brian Aikman: trading standards of which country?
    Nigel: the UK
    Nigel: your trading in the uk are you not
    Brian Aikman: this is an online business and we are based in USA...those trading standards applies to you
    Brian Aikman: not to us..
    Brian Aikman: Sam thanks for your time and you are wasting our business hours for no reason..have a great day
    Chat session has been terminated by the representative.

    Poor customers, visiting this site and seeing claims of awards and excellence. Then getting a sub par service and probably doubting the whole industry. I dont really care if i wasted time talking to them, I dont care that it might be rude to point such things out I think it is something that needs to be done.
  12. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    That award does look a little fishy. Who was it awarded by? Why does it not say who awarded it on the image, or link to an official award site? Why is tucked away at the bottom instead of the site rather than displayed proudly at the top, and on their social media accounts? Why is the type not even kerned? Why can I find absolutely no mention of this award or similar images awarded to past winners?
  13. jooty

    jooty Active Member

    my point exactly.

    VLAHAKISA Member

    I went to click the award to find out more, but it does not click to the award provider :/

    I do find it a rather sickening if there are businesses putting up fake awards they designed themselves simply to dupe customers into feeling safe to trade with them. It does seem as though that is what is happening here.

    Click their news links; Infinity Logo Design - In The Media


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