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Looking for freelance Screen Printer


New Member
Hello Every one.

First time using the forum

I have a small printing company where I specialise in screen printing on Foam Cups. I am currently looking to expand this year on to T shirts and other merchandise.

I am looking for someone who has experience in screen printing and can work with me on a freelance basis assisting with the screen printing of cups and T shirts eventually.

My workshop is based in East London, Poplar.

I look forward to hearing from you all. Please recommend a friend if you feel they may be interested.

Many Thanks,

Hi Honey,
How large is your premises? I screenprint art and am looking to buy some used equipment but looking for a partner who has a premises to house it. I would only be looking to use it evenings and weekends usually so this arrangement would maybe suit you? I could assist your printing and you could use the equipment to branch out into other areas of which I have some ideas.