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Looking for freelance designer - event / large format branding...

As per title, we do a ton of event branding and could use a spare pair of hands now and then, would need experience working with large format print and branding, anything from stands, banners, exhibits, flags, signage, staging etc...

we work within adobe illustrator mainly.

Working for large global brands we ogten are given a set of brand guidelines and asked to create and dress large sporting events.

Email us if you have experience in this sector... can't stress how important experience is, working with large imagery, editing imagery, scaling, working with vectors and brand specs, exporting for print etc
Hi Ben

I have experience in this area and would like to make myself available to help. Please feel free to contact me to discuss via my email address on my website (my info can be found on my profile page on this forum). You can also view a selection of my work on my website and on the Behance link and my career profile on Linkedin.

Thanks Ben.

Kindest regards