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Looking for designers


Junior Member

I'm doing a project for university and we have to pick "a chosen place" and get a feeling from it. I picked a museum and got a sense of neglect from it.

I'm at a stage where I need to look at the work of other designers, it could litterally be anything; infographics, typography, etc.

Could anyone recomend a designer or a piece of work that speaks "neglect" to you? :)
Hey Ben.

Check out 'Urban Splash' They are currently doing up Park Hill Flats in sheffield. They had recently fallen under some serious neglect and disrepair even though that building is the only concrete listed building in Sheffield.

Check out Urban Splash's Blog and research some of the history around why park hill was built in the first place.

Hope this helps at all, or maybe iv missed the point. either way, there you are...

Cheers, Matt.