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Looking for designers for regular daily paid work

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Hi all, Apologies if this is the wrong place, or even wrong type of forum to post my query on. If so please remove.

Basically I am starting a business in the very near future, I am currently looking for one graphic designer, possibly more in future to design my clients custom product. From my past experience customers sometimes even request the most basic of designs, but of course if you are up for it i'd like the most creative designs.

After the first couple of weeks the plan is to be having up to 3 orders a day - all paid. These will be the expected daily work rate at first, but will definately increase over time.

If anyone is interested please reply and i will be able to give a little further information.

All work from the designer i choose will be paid upon completion.


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I'm not sure on the pricepoint of your products but you can expect a designer to be charging anything from £25 - £100 per hour and most designers minimum charge will be an hour.
I would not expect each design to take more than an hour and on regular occasions customers like previous designs they have seen and choose them, In this situation the designer will still be paid in full for simply changing the text.
Hi Prestige Print, I am a graphic designer in a studio in Newcastle, but undertake freelance work part time (aiming to go full time from June). I am currently setting up my website but have a portfolio I can send over if you are interested to chat more about the work you may have available? I am looking to build long term client relationships, and can offer services from print design to web design.
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