Looking for design feedback on electronics website


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Hi there,

I'm developing a website for CAN bus data loggers, used in e.g. automotive data logging applications (cars, trucks, buses, ...). I would greatly appreciate any feedback you could provide on my design, structure, content etc. - thank you!



I would suggest that you add SSL to the site. Otherwise there will be information in the address bar saying that the connection is not secure. It's very important if you
run an online business, that you add SSL so information on the site cannot be compromised.

In the checkout area, powered by smoolis.com, there is SSL encryption but it's the first impression that counts. When people visit your website, it's not the checkout section
that they are presented with. If the start page is not encrypted, which it is in this case, and people are met with information that the connection is not secure, they will leave the site.
From User Experience point of view, I think you should add contact number somewhere else also other than footer. You have shared email id, but again it is not clickable and even if someone copy it they have to edit the extra space and character.

Also, to provide easy way of communication to your visitor I would suggest to add contact number as well.


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Edit, I just noticed the first post is from last year.

Anyway. I wrote It looks fine to me, only the photos used look a little low res and pixelated, those bring the rest of the site down to me as apart from those it all looks very professional.