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Looking for an app developer

I have recently been contacted by a school who are wanting to develop an app for their school similar to: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/wembley-primary-school/id588426465?mt=8 however their budget is around £1600 but the app developers who I worked with are only wanting to do their (our) game apps and communication is sometimes a problem, so now I need to find someone who can do this.

The app design is fairly straight forward, but the actual functionality are quite complex.

Is this going to be something that you (or someone you know) could develop around the budget?

There are (as always) future projects similar to this which could also go forward.

Any contacts / advice would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance guy!


Staff member
Sean might be able to help with this...have no idea if it will fit in budget though, I'd say it might be close
Looking at the link it it doesn't look 'too difficult'...
contact us looks like a page full of links
announcements could easily link to an rss feed or similar
calendar could link to an 'open' google calendar or similar
absentee - no idea on this one
more - no idea whats in there as I don't have an iphone.
It would be a bit more advanced than this app - so the idea is free download, but have the first page (two buttons) as guest or login. The guest page would be public information about the school. The login page would be for parents who have been given a user name / number and can access all their child/children's information. This would require internet access and I assume some sort of database, which is where I think it might be a little more complex (managing/hosting/maintaining etc), compared to a static app.


Staff member
From what you've said I would say they're expecting too much for £1600... you've got to look at the security of the database which has to be VERY secure due to it's nature...not to mention permission from parents.
I'm sure Sean etc will pop up at some point, might be worth slinging him a pm, same goes for Tony

Sean Lee-Amies

Hey Alex, I work with an app developer, but I think he may be a little tied up right now. When does this project need to start, I'll find out if/when he's available to work on another project. However, I don't think £1,600 is going to cover the functionality you've described, mainly due to the high demands for security regarding sensitive information. No one wants to be held responsible for allowing a database full of children's details to be compromised...
Just to clarify, are you looking for just a developer, or to have a design/developer team build the project for/with you and is the £1,600 for everyone involved in the project or just for the actual developer?
Yeah, that is what I was thinking - I thought it would have to be a large high level developer company exactly for the reasons you both pointed out - so I guess the budget should be closer to the 5 digit price.
As for the development of the app yes Sean, I would be designing it and working with the programmer, so the design would be my task to try and sort out.
I'll see what the client says so what I have got to so far - i'll let you know.