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Looking for a coder

I have been asked a few times now to do websites for people but am unable to code as yet and was wondering if anyone was interested in some coding work?

I am aware of some coding companies but thought I'd see if any DFers were interested first?

If you are then let me know what type of sites you can do, point me to some examples of your work and what you roughly charge for different types of sites.

PM is fine.


Edit -

Oh and if it's not clear, I will be doing the artwork.


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If you're looking for ecommerce sites you could always use our software and we would cheerfully integrate your design into the store software.

Click the banner on the left for Open Mind Commerce


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Have seen very positive feedback about both Geoff & Andy on DF, so sure you won't go wrong with either of these guys. As Phil mentioned if it's a UK e-commerce site then Openmind Commerce is great, having used it for a client site in the past I'm always recommending it to clients/forum users :)
Hey guys thanks for the responses.

I'll check you all out and will contact you if or when I get the work through.

Talks are at an early stage with someone atm, and as you all know people can mess you around! But I know they will be changing their site as someone made a mess of one with using Flash and it has to be changed.

Glen - I don't know, I am a web noob in that respect.
Just an update on this, the client has now said that they don't think they have the money to do the website as yet (surprise, surprise) but I won't just let it go at that. I have offered to do some mock ups on a non-committal basis (which I will be very careful about) and they sounded a bit more positive.

They are at an early stage of starting the business and are waiting for loan to help them start up. This will obviously delay them wanting the site done which is why I think there is still a chance.

Basically, I won't hold my breath but it may not be dead in the water.