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LongLens-Outdoor/Nature settings advice?

I have been out today taking some pics with a Nikon D5100 mostly using my long lens.
Its been a successful result that i'm happy with :) but often I found that It kept jamming, Is this because I'm snapping away a bit too fast? Also my shutter speed was very slow. (I know I can change the speed obviously) I kept missing out on some great shots of birds...etc.

what should I roughly be using for long lense shots? e.g. Nature, Insects/Flowers/Outdoor, Pretty things...etc

I'v been shooting wasp/bees/flys today at 1/1500, lots of very strong natural sunlight.
Using mode dials- 'Close Up' (Flower Symbol) is this correct?
Am I right in saying when shooting a static subject, use shutter speeds of 1/400 or higher, as little movement can cause an unsharp shot.

I could do with some bullet points/guide for long lens settings (as well as reading up on it on the internet & in my manual of course)


Staff member
what iso was set?
did you have it on continuous shooting mode (I assume it has one) - set mode, press and hold shutter, not sure if it will focus in between though
flower should be close up

static object, faster shutter speed means less blur although obviously it's best to use a tripod.

ps. You have read the manual right.......
ISO was on Auto.

No I didn't have it on continuous mode. Yes it does have one (Just read it up)
Maybe this was the reason it was jamming. I'll make sure I use this setting next time. thanks

Yes, i'm going through my Manuel still. (its thick) HA


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ISO - set manually, brighter light can get away with 100, darker higher numbers. Personally I liked to shoot ISO 200-400 in summer, very rarely went to 100 due to the apertures on the lens slowing the shutter speeds down.

If the camera was in one shot mode then it would be picture, stop, focus, picture, stop, focus rather than picture, picture, picture (focus if possible)
ah right OK. So I definitely am best using 'continuous' for the wild life types I was doing today...

ISO- I've actually just read a guide on the web that also suggests 200+