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Sean Lee-Amies

Top one is good, but when I look at it, I'm reminded of a beauty product, maybe shampoo or something?
The Su Casa one is good, but would look so much better without that coffee cup at the top.
The S&J one is good, quite unique looking, but I have no idea what the company does.
The 'Z' of Zen Yoga ruins it for me a little bit. There's a strange bogey hanging off the top right corner and the middle part doesn't taper correctly or feel in-line at the bottom.
I like the heartfelt one.
Don't like the font for Crafty Mam/Mom/Main?
Butterfly beauty would look a lot better without the flourishes, perhaps just a small, centralised one at the bottom would finish it off.
Don't like the Calypso font at all.
I like the Blue Prairie one.
Cheers for the advice Sean, logos aren't my strong point and I find myself caught in 2minds web it comes fore final stages, like what to take out etc. the su casa one being a prime example I thought about dropping the cup but left it in.ha.

the s&j logo is from my cousins wedding invites I did for them.