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Logos needed for new record label!

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Im Starting a Netlabel called Get Up Records dedicated to promoting exclusive tracks from up and coming dance music producers. The idea is that all the music is going to be free to download. because of this i do not have any funds for logo/branding design and im looking for someone who would be willing to do this for free.

if you are interested email me at kynch@live.com and i'll talk to you about what it is i'd like designed. That said there will be a large amount of creative freedom with album covers etc.

if you're interested in hearing any of the music on the label so far
> soundcloud.com/get-up-records


steve x


Active Member
Hi Steve,

Just because you're starting a business with no funds + investment, why should another business give their services to you for free?

Unless you can come up with a hugely compelling reason then I'll be closing the thread, but will leave your e-mail address in place for anyone to contact you directly, just to make it clear... the forums are not for free work requests.

Not open for further replies.