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Logos - how can I improve them

Hi everyone,

I've been working on 3 designs and need some advice at this point. Just need to know what works and what doesn't. Thanks!
Only advice i can give is try and simplify them if you can. Make sure the text is legible and there is enough contrast between the text colour and the colour that the text is sitting on. Even try and take the text off the graphic. I always take a step back when designing a logo and think:

- will it be legible when it is small
- is it likely to reproduce poorly in a newspaper ad (newspaper print at a lower dpi than regular offset print)
- are the colours adaptable between cmyk and rgb

What you should end up with is a logo that can be reproduced across a number of mediums at different sizes at not raise any appearance issues.

Hope this helps
Hi wbe

I would agree that no.2 is my favourite although I would say that the text needs to be a lot simpler for it to be read when its reduced.

I like the retro type theme going on on this one and the colours are great!


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I think 2 would work if you can get the lettering larger, even if it cuts into the white dots. I would space the words out a bit better, and replace the green with the dark pink of 1.

Try it without the drop shadow too.
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Good advice above... KISS is always a good motto. And think about it being printed small - on a label or something like that!
I try and design in mono/black first of all, colour comes afterward. Definitely no drop shadows.

Fewer dots round the edge...if they are the silver balls that go on cupcakes I'd never fit that many on!
Space the lettering - but I think they all have merit!
I like the 2nd but id say lose the bevel.I like the way you have tried to make it quite kitch. I really like the 3rd one buy the type just doesn't feel right to me, feels like its been squashed in. For a first attempt though, well done man.
Are you working in Photoshop or Illustrator? I only ask because of that bevel you've used. Lose it, simplify as others have said. Also, these look kinda like I've seen them before. Cake makers don't always have to have a retro 50's style logo in candy pink. Look at the Hummingbird bakery, for instance.