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Logo/Website Designer needed $$$

Hi guys,
Great forum with alot of good content and awesome designers.

Ive just started a small surveillance business - sole trader, in my town this is a side business from my normal day job im a Telecommunications Technician,

Im after someone who can help me with a initial logo design to start with. Then leading to a website/facebook company page header/banner sort.

The name ive chosen for my small business is "Precision Surveillance & Communicaitons" hense the PSC which sounds similar to my last name.. lol

I have a coule ideas alreay for the logo . eg ; A scope of a sniper rifle looking a CCTV camera at a distance with markings - Ive just left the australian army also which is why the warrish side to the logo. as much of my profits from this business i can afford will be donated to various wounded soldiers foundations returning from active service.

If anyones interested please contact me on jae.pearce@gmail.com or via facebook you can look me up.
Please keep in mind as this is only a small side business. That im starting up everything from of my own back pocket and cannot afford thousands of dollars initially for this service. I think this might be a fun project for someone with some spare time on their hands.

Cheers Guys and Girls