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Logo Vectorisation

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Ben Curry

Junior Member

I have just started a podcast about my hobby and am i need of a Logo. The one i am using at the moment is below but i need it 'digitizing' for want of a better word.

I dosn't have to be exactly the same but just following the same theme. It also has
to be able to scale up and down easily.

If someone wants to have a go at this then email me bencurry(AT)baddice.co.uk with a price. As i said above its my hobby and not a business so i have limited funds avaliable so bear that in mind when deciding if you want to make an offer.

Thanks in advance




Active Member
Hi Ben,

Welcome to Design Forums, from the explanation above you're in need of a vectorisation service, which is essentially tracing the above image into a vector path, you'll then be able to use the new logo at any size without loss of quality, as it's a scalable format.

Just to check do you own that original image? Or is it copyright free?


PS- I edited your original post to remove the direct e-mail link as public forums are known to attract spam bots that will grab your e-mail and spam, spam, spam, which nobody likes to see! :)
Hi Ben,

I can design a vector based logo or convert yours to a vector based format. Send me a quote of your budget or pm to discus. I have got a promotional offer at the moment on another forum.
Just received some amazing service and cracking price (far too cheap so I paid more than quoted) from xposevector

Whilst their site doesn't look like much the speed and service was brilliant!

Thats for the tip bluecube
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