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Logo Submission for a brief.. opinions?

Hi all, i've recently signed up on a website Freelance Graphic Design, Logo Design, Web Design Services | DesignCrowd and have created a few logo ideas for submission on a particular brief. Here's a chunk of the brief for you to have an idea..

"Task Description
We are developing a new self storage business.

Our name will be:

U-Do Self Storage

tag line will be "storage that comes to you"

Basically we deliver the storage modules on our purpose built trailers to clients homes for them to self load. We then collect the trailer and unload the storage mudules directly inside our secure storage warehouse where they are stored for the duration of the clients requirements. "

The closing deadline is tomorrow, so i'd appreciate feedback on what i think is the strongest logo from the various ones i've done for this project. Thanks a lot!

View attachment 940

Another design:

View attachment 941
I wonder how much time and money these sites have wasted?

Every entry x (designers hours spent x hourly rate) = shut this site down...

*edit* sorry for not replying directly to your question but I nearly exploded after seeing another speculative job!

Tom Sound

Active Member
The first one seems more relevant :D But neither of them really highlight what they do. Just a set of wheels on the box or something would differentiate them from their competition.
I'm with Tom Sound. I'd like to see more of an emphasis on the usp of the brand, ie that they come to you. Although I'm confused by the brand generally, it's called U-DO but then seemingly THEY come to you so they-do some of the work...? Whatever.
This can be a great start. I am going to surely be looking towards any updates or upgrades. This is truly revolutionizing! I am agree with your kind information...
Spec work isn't cool, when I came across a site similar to this a few months back my first thoughts were WOW! but then after spending days on end designing endless amounts of logos for a number of briefs I found myself getting nowhere I sold two design through spec work but I'm guessing that's more by luck, with spec work you think your gaining but trust me the designer is the one always loosing out.