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Logo required for website banner

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I am looking for someone who can create a logo for my new website.
The new website is being designed and can be found here:

I can email the existing logo (the word stream) to be edited if required.

I want it to have something similar but updated to our old logo on our old site which is here:


Many Thanks,


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Hi 1.zero. A few things:

The logo you have on the digitek site isn't really a logo. It's a graphic. i.e. glows and gradients and reflections. That's all just a treatment of a logo. If you're after a treatment of a logo, that's different than the development of a logo.

Secondly, if all you're after is a logotype with the above treatments (i.e. just a word, no symbol to go with it), that's an easier job than to design a logo.

Either way, I get the feeling you're probably looking for something cheap, quick, but still looks visually appealing. If you want something a bit more refined, then obviously the price goes up.

As Harry mentioned, it'd be handy to know what sort of budget you've got. You won't get much for £50 but you will for £500 or £5,000. My own prices are around the £300-£400 mark for a well thought out logo or I can do you a £50 job if you're just after a treatment and not a logo as described. Please let us know your budget. There's a world of difference.

Thanks 1.zero. (A name would also be useful please :))
thanks for the replies,

if you are referring to the 'stream' text at the top of the page that is just a standard .jpg that comes with the free website theme.

the logo I want is on the existing www.mcgdesignbuild.co.uk website - the MCG house shaped logo.

all i want is this logo updating to match the style, theme and colour of the new modern website (www.digitek-systems.co.uk/mcg)

i have been quoted £85 +VAT from someone else for 8 concept designs, other than that i have no idea on prices?

many thanks,
David ;)
8 concepts for £85 plus vat? I don't think many people will do that round here...

I myself same as Anagoge charge in the range of £300-£400 with 4 concepts.

Good luck.


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Hi David

You mention that the Stream text is just part of the site's theme but you also say that you want a new logo to match it. Seems a bit odd to design a logo based on a default template, but I can certainly do that for you if you'd like.

A better idea would be to develop a logo, then develop your site around it. Just a thought.

£85 for 8 concepts is unrealistic. As Craig mentions, you won't find many people on Design Forums (or indeed anywhere else reputable) that will do it that cheap and, more important, to a high standard. £85 for 8 concepts might sound great, but they'll probably be crap concepts, which is why the price is £85 and not the £300-£400 myself or Craig might charge for fewer concepts, but better ideas.

If all you want is the MCG logo to look more a bit bluer and a bit shinier to match the new site's template, then this would cost a lot less than £300. I'm happy to do this for the £85 that you've been quoted elsewhere or less if you already have the original MCG Illustrator file to work with.

You can find examples of my identity work here: Identity | The Work of Neil Martin In most cases, my clients have also asked for the identity to then work with a range of stationery or website design, as I said above. A good example being Spira Creative: Spira Creative | The Work of Neil Martin

How's that for free advice!

Do get in touch if you'd like to work together. Drop me an email: neil AT theworkof.co.uk and we can sort a budget out together.
£85.00 holy hell where @? Thats mad! People dont realise the work that goes into designing a good logo. It's not just an idea in the head and put it together theres a lot of logic behind it. £85.00 wont give you anything well thought and designed.
Hi all,

Just an update on the progress of my logo, the guy who quoted me £85 for 8 concepts, Steven has been absolutely brilliant. The designs we received were very high quality and the range of styles was huge. Once we picked a general idea the logo was fine tuned until it was perfect. Great communication all the way through and in the end we got exactly what we wanted for a great price.


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Hi 1.zer0,

As the designer you used is not a member on Design Forums I have removed the link you included and as your project has now been completed I will close this thread.

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