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Logo Redesign

Hampshire Environmental Services wish to rebrand as HES due to the addition of extra services and planned expansion and growth. They wanted a logo which maintained visual consistency with the previous design, but offered a bolder, more energetic image.

Existing Design

To deliver on this brief we created a new, distinctive mark based upon conceptualised elements of the expanded services:

The elements abstracted into this new mark include a tick (to symbolise success and quality), an excavator machine arm and bucket (flipped to maintain the tick motif), and a conceptualised version of asbestos fibres viewed through the field of a phase contrast microscope.
The mark was also modified to include a reference to the winged helmet of the Greek God Hermes, in order to create a subtle connotation of transition, growth and the concept of delivery.

New Design

Feedback will be very welcome. Thank You!
Im not sure what the comment about kerning was and as the image is not displaying in your second I would guess it was about the space between e and s? If not I would move the S away from the E so that the top curve of the S is the same width apart as the gap between H and E as a minimum, it may need a little more.

Dave L

Well-Known Member
I'm not personally a fan of the 'show your work' approach; a logo either stands up in its own right or it doesn't. I guess people work in different ways and the logo's fine as far as it goes but I find talk of a rigorous thought procees involving heavy plant, asbestos fibres and Mercury to be a bit of a turn-off, if I'm honest.